Holistic. Sustainable.


"Know thy self, know thy enemy.

          A thousand battles, a thousand victories!"

- Sun Tzu

Business leaders can truly obtain a truthful, accurate and objective view of their own personal leadership with the right guidance and insight.


Retreat in Chiang Mai/Thailand

Take a break from the hectic life and

step back into the lush greenery

of Thailand with Dr. Jeffrey Po,


Emperors, sovereigns and leaders throughout history have had one thing in common: personal advisors that provide vital insight at the right time.


Whether they made tactical decisions in military and economic affairs, or communicated a message through words or actions, leaders have always received expert coaching behind the scenes.


HSK Mindful Leadership confers advisory coaching and personal counselling to support leaders to develop their capacity for leadership presence, to communicate effectually and to thrive in the midst of challenges and transformation.

Coaching instils leaders new skills and mindsets.

Counselling enhances their logic and intelligence.

We adopt the approach of practicing and anchoring mindfulness, wisdom and compassion as a path to leadership excellence in an organizational context.


Harnessing the powerful combination of mindfulness, wisdom and compassion will support you to recognize your inner call, sharpen your focus, raise greater clarity, heighten your creativity and boost your resilience. Above all, to connect more deeply with yourself and others to be a driving force towards positive and constructive transformation.

HSK also arranges retreats and organizes courses in spiritual development.


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