“Great leaders are emotionally intelligent and they are mindful: they seek to live in full consciousness of self, others, nature and society.”

– Richard Boyatzis and Annie MeKee (Resonant Leadership)

Mindfulness denotes “paying attention to what you do while you are doing it without passing judgement”. This signifies embracing an objective and open-minded state of mindset. Mindful leadership is about being present and confident, and exercising compassion.


A mindful Leader possesses the following key traits:


  • is grounded and authentic, with humility and integrity         

  • considers long term implications of his/her actions and strives for the sustainable good

  • develops ways to integrate mindfulness into his/her ability to envision, empower, connect, collaborate, and skillfully respond to change

  • is able to remain calm and acts deliberately with clarity and firmness to transform stressful situations into favorable conditions

  • is not easily ‘led’ by an external situation, but instead skillfully ‘lead’ him-/herself and others through the situation.

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